I recently took on a web project that will give birth to a new generation of career management applications.  Very exciting stuff.  But it’s also low budget.  So I pointed Google search at the open source world to find an entity relationship diagramming tool that fit in our budget (free).  A few clicks later, I fell in love with Open ModelSphere from Grandite .  It’s got a slew of enterprise features and really delivers everything I need to support the project.

I’m doing a series of workshops with the IP owners and the developers to flesh out the functional requirements.  The tool allows us to manage everything from the conceptual model, ER diagrams, data dictionary and it has a straightforward export diagram as a JPG file to drop into the summary documents so the business side can get a clear picture of where we’re going without struggling with another tech application.

I haven’t even started on the features that allow you to forward and reverse engineer.  Open Modelsphere seems to have a handle on all the major RDBMSs.  In short it rocks, and its free. 

My recommendation is to try this tool out if you need to handle ER diagramming, Conceptual modeling, or data modeling.

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